_жінка; дружина

_жінка; дружина
all are good lasses, but whence come the bad wives? all women look the same after the sun goes down any woman can keep a secret, but she generally needs one other woman to help her better the devil's than a woman's slave a cat has nine lives; a woman has nine cat's lives a diamond daughter turns to glass as a wife everybody's sweetheart is nobody's wife the fewer the women, the less the trouble the fingers of a housewife do more than a yoke of oxen the first wife is matrimony; the second, company; the third, heresy the grey mare is the better horse the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world handle with care women and glass hanging and wiving goes by destiny happy is the bride that the sun shines on he that has not got a wife is not yet a complete man he who has a fair wife needs more than two eyes hell hath no fury like a woman scorned if it is a secret, don't tell it to a woman it is harder to marry a daughter well than to bring her up well it is a woman's privilege to change her mind it is as great pity to see a woman weep as to see a goose go barefoot ladies don't smoke long hair and short wit the longest five years in a woman's life is between twenty-nine and thirty never choose your woman or your linen by candlelight never praise your wife until you have been married ten years never quarrel with a woman no house was ever big enough for two women no woman is ugly if she is well dressed one tongue is enough for two women the only secret a woman can keep is her age praise from a wife is praise indeed the real housewife is at once a slave and a lady she who is a beauty is half-married she who loves the looking glass hates the saucepan silence is a woman's best garment slander expires at a good woman's door tell a woman and you tell the world ten measures of talk were sent down from heaven, and women took nine there is no fury like a woman's fury there is nothing better than a good woman and nothing worse than a bad one there is one good wife in the country, and every man thinks he has her there's hardly a strife in which a woman has not been a prime mover ugliness is the guardian of women the ugliest woman can look in the mirror and think she is beautiful an undutiful daughter will prove an unmanageable wife when a girl whistles, the angels cry wherever there is a woman, there is gossip a whistling woman and a crowing hen are neither fit for God nor men winter weather and women's thoughts change often a wise woman never outsmarts her husband a woman, a cat, and a chimney should never leave the house a woman fights with her tongue a woman knows a bit more than Satan a woman laughs when she can but cries whenever she wishes the woman who obeys her husband rules him a woman's hair is her crowning glory a woman's hair is long, but her tongue is longer a woman's place is in the home a woman's tongue is one that will never wear out a woman's tongue is the only sharp-edged tool that grows keener with constant use women are necessary evils a woman's work is never done women are strong when they arm themselves with their weaknesses women forgive injuries, but never forget slights women would be more charming if one could fall into their arms without falling into their hands a worthy woman is the crown of her husband

English-Ukrainian dictionary of proverbs . 2013.

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